Countdown to event Toronto 09.29.18



Nicole Court, the Beer League Beauty, has joined the Scotiabank® Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer team!

Nicole Court, better known as Beer League Beauty, was recruited by Elmira College to play NCAA hockey. When her career ended in 2011, she returned to Ontario and discovered a love of beer league hockey. In January 2016, she made a decision that opened an entirely new world for her -- one that involved drinking, playing hockey and calling it a career. Beer League Beauty began as an Instagram account for fun, but after four short months and a couple thousand followers later, Beer League Beauty became a strong and growing brand within the hockey community. When she was younger, Nicole, the Beer League Beauty, believed that living the dream meant getting paid to play hockey, but little did she know that instead of wearing a Team Canada jersey, she’d be holding beers and wearing a Beer League Beauty jersey. Now she really knows what living the dream truly is!