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A Message From the PMCF President & CEO

President’s MessagePaul-Alofs-President-CEO.jpg

WHY is Princess Margaret Cancer Centre a world leader?
Your support is one reason. As the 7th year of Road Hockey approaches, we are reminded of the thousands and thousands of men and women, who just like you, have laced up their shoes, trained, and fundraised, to play Road Hockey for The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.
The funds you and others have raised is one of the major reasons that Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is one of the top 5 cancer research centres in the world.
Many of our eminent researchers would not be working at the cancer centre if not for the tremendous philanthropic support that comes from our Road Hockey participants, donors, volunteers and supporters.

We believe another big reason is the intense curiosity and tenacity of our scientists and clinician researchers who never stop asking WHY—as they work with each patient, with each tumor sample, and with each new therapy. While we can’t prove it scientifically yet, our theory is that our researchers have an extra ‘WHY gene’!

We all have WHY questions about cancer:
  • WHY will 40 percent of Canadians be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetime?
  • WHY are some cancers responsive to treatment, while others are not?
  • WHY do some types of cancer return after it appears they have been eradicated?
The research you are supporting is helping our scientists and clinicians to find the answers and translate these insights and discoveries into innovations in patient care for Canada and the world.

With the funds and the generosity of our community of supporters, we are now in the early days of delivering on our promise of Personalized Cancer Medicine.

In closing, WHY do cancer patients and their families and friends want to support the research taking place at The Princess Margaret? As our Creed states “We have the momentum. We have the talent. And we have the passion.” And we never stop asking WHY—because WHY is in our DNA.
Veteran Road Hockey participants, I ask you to keep playing. You know the impact you have made, but our battle is not over yet. First time participants, get ready for an experience that will change your life.
Paul Alofs
President & CEO